When the nose is dry, there is a general lack of moisture inside the nasal cavities and the nose feels uncomfortable. Environmental conditions such as heat, dryness or low humidity, indoor heating/cooling/ventilation systems are commonly responsible for nasal dryness.

Nasal dryness can also frequently occur when blowing one’s nose too often as a result of the common cold, flu or allergies. It may also be a common side-effect from the use of certain medication, including medicated nasal decongestants such as corticosteroids as well as antihistamines.

A dry nose results in nasal irritation, congestion, cracks in the nasal mucosa, and sometimes bleeding. Moreover, its natural functions such as the sense of smell and cleansing & conditioning of inhaled air, may become impaired leaving the nose (and the respiratory tract) prone to infections.

Dry Nose Natural Spray

Sinomarin Dry Nose Relief is a 100% natural nasal spray that provides local hydration and soothes the irritated nasal mucosa due to the presence of well-known hydrating and soothing ingredients –hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol. Combined with Sinomarin’s hypertonic sea water solution (2.3% NaCl), Sinomarin Dry Nose Relief additionally relieves nasal stuffiness while cleansing the nose.

Sinomarin Dry Nose Relief is free from drug substances, additives, and preservatives and does not cause drowsiness or habit formation, making it safe & suitable for everyone from 6 years and above.

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