There are times when the nose is so congested, when there may be a lot of mucus and the sinuses may be inflamed. In these instances, one needs a) a strong spray for better penetration, and b) a solution that decongests.

The same characteristics are necessary following endonasal surgery; a) a strong spray for thorough cleansing and prevention of local infections and b) a solution that reduces tissue swelling.

Sinomarin E.N.T. / Extra Strong products are unique since they combine a strong jet spray to thoroughly cleanse the nasal cavities and help protect them from secondary ear-nose-throat infections & complications, together with hypertonic sea water to relieve nasal congestion/edema effectively (via osmosis) and help restore the natural function of the nasal tissues.

Sinomarin Plus Algae E.N.T. / Extra Strong additionally includes a novel complex of sea algae extracts that provides additional strength and protection to the nasal mucosa.

Sinomarin E.N.T. products can be used alone or can be combined with medicated treatments to help improve the overall treatment efficacy.

Sinomarin E.N.T. products are 100% natural, free from drug substances, additives and preservatives and do not cause habit formation or drowsiness.

*Please read the instructions provided for each separate product for age limits and possible contraindications.