If you suffer from allergic rhinitis (e.g. hay fever), the common cold/flu, more bothersome conditions like chronic rhinosinusitis or have/will undergo endonasal surgery, Sinomarin proposes a range of all-natural nasal decongestant sprays -based on Sinomarin’s hypertonic sea water solution- with additional features or ingredients, to help relieve your nasal symptoms in a more targeted way.

All Sinomarin products are 100% natural, free from drug substances, additives, and preservatives and do not cause habit formation or drowsiness.

Nasal congestion sprays

All products are safe & suitable for everyone*, including babies as well as during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Find which Sinomarin product is suitable for you and your family.

* Please read the instructions provided for each separate product for age limits and possible contraindications.