Ear wax (or cerumen) is naturally produced by everyone’s external ear and serves as a self-cleansing agent, lubricating the ear and protecting the eardrum from pathogens, moving them towards the exterior.

Many people use cotton buds to clear the wax from their ears, however, this may lead to impaction. Pollution and habits such as use of earphones and hearing aids may result in ear wax accumulation. Hearing difficulties, infections and complications may follow.

Sea water is a natural solution that helps break-down ear wax and clean the ears naturally.

Natural Ear Cleansing Sprays

Sea water was initially discovered to have cerumenolytic properties through observations of deep sea divers who showed increased ear wax dissolution and clearance of the ear canal. This was attributed to the presence of seawater ions and trace elements that are capable of promoting the separation and breakup of cerumen components. Subsequent studies with seawater have directly proven the cerumolytic effects of sea water in adults and children.