Cleansing of the nasal cavities is a common practice both for reasons of hygiene and health as well as to provide symptomatic relief in various sinonasal conditions.

Sinomarin nasal sprays can relieve nasal congestion and restore nasal breathing in a natural way (osmosis mechanism). Conditions such as the common cold, the flu, allergic rhinitis (e.g. hay fever), pollution, pregnancy as well as others, can cause nasal congestion.

Sinomarin can relieve congestion while at the same time cleanse the nasal cavities, washing out nasal mucus and impurities such as infectious agents, allergens and pollutants.

Used for regular nasal hygiene, Sinomarin products keep your nose clean & healthy and help restore its natural function. They work effectively alone or can be combined with medicated treatments when necessary, to help improve the overall treatment efficacy.

Sinomarin’s natural sprays & vials for the blocked nose and for regular hygiene are 100% natural, free from drug substances, additives and preservatives and do not cause habit formation or drowsiness, making them safe & suitable for everyone, including babies, during pregnancy & breastfeeding or for individuals for whom medicated decongestants are contraindicated..

Find which Sinomarin product is suitable for you and your family.

*Please read the instructions provided for each separate product for age limits and possible contraindications.