Sinomarin® Dry Nose Relief

When the nose is dry, there is a general lack of moisture inside the nasal cavities and the nose feels uncomfortable. Environmental conditions such as heat, dryness or low humidity, indoor heating/cooling/ventilation systems are commonly responsible for nasal dryness. A dry nose can also frequently occur when blowing one’s nose too often as a result of the common cold, flu or allergies. It may also be a common side-effect from use of certain medication, including medicated nasal decongestants.

Sinomarin Dry Nose Relief is a 100% natural solution that hydrates and soothes the dry or irritated nose while providing relief from nasal congestion. It combines the hydrating and soothing action of Hyaluronic acid and Dexpanthenol with the natural decongestant and cleansing activity of hypertonic sea water (2.3% NaCl).

Use in cases of
  • Nasal dryness e.g. due to rhinitis, use of medication, and dry environments
  • Regular nasal hydration and hygiene