Sinomarin® Hypertonic Babies

Sinomarin Hypertonic Babies is a unique, 100% natural hypertonic sea water solution that relieves nasal congestion effectively, helping your little one breathe easily in a natural way. It helps thin nasal mucus making it easier to eliminate while cleansing the nasal cavities helping protect from nasal and further upper respiratory infections and complications. Sinomarin Hypertonic Babies is ideal for babies, both for regular nasal hygiene and congestion relief.

Sinomarin Hypertonic Babies can also be used in a nebulized form to help enhance respiratory function, in cases of acute bronchiolitis.

Use in cases of
  • Rhinitis (e.g. common cold; flu)
  • Sinusitis
  • Regular nasal hygiene & care
  • Nasal hydration
  • Acute bronchiolitis (in nebulized form)