Sinomarin® Plus Algae;
an innovative solution
with sea algae extracts
Sea water plus Sea algae for superior efficacy
Extensive research & development led to the formation of a line of 100% natural nasal sprays expertly combining Sinomarin’s 2,3% hypertonic sea water solution with an innovative complex of sea algae extracts -Algomer™ Complex- to provide enhanced action for nasal problems.

Out of around 30.000 species of sea algae, two have stood out attracting tremendous scientific attention over the last few years; Undaria Pinnatifida and more specifically its fucoidan extract, and Spirulina Plantensis and its extracts. Based on various published scientific studies, these ingredients have demonstrated numerous beneficial activities.


Sinomarin Plus Algae benefits

Formulated for nasal use for the first time and covered by 40 national patents, the innovative line –Sinomarin® Plus Algae– with Algomer™ Complex combines the natural decongestant action of hypertonic sea water (2.3% NaCl) enhanced with the sea algae extracts present in Algomer™ Complex, that provide additional strength and protection to the nasal mucosa

nasal congestion
nasal mucus
eliminating impurities
promoting nasal function

Undaria pinnatifida

Undaria pinnatifida is a brown sea alga –a kelp- that reaches about 1-3 metres in length.

It is distributed in cold marine environments, especially in Japan, Asia, Australia and South America.

It is the most widely eaten brown seaweed and a staple especially of the Japanese and Korean diets.

Called sea mustard in English, it is most commonly known as Wakame with its name derived from Japanese where it is served with practically every meal.

In Korea it is known as Miyeok where the seaweed soup (miyeok-guk) -because it is highly nutritious– is consumed by mothers following childbirth to regain their strength.

Undaria pinnatifida is an excellent source of proteins, multiple amino acids, important fatty acids (ω3-ω6), carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements (Ca, Fe, Na, K, Mg, Zn, I), and multiple vitamins (A, B, C, E), and is perhaps the best natural source of iodine.

Fucoidan –the primary component of Undaria pinnatifida- present in only certain species of sea algae, is found here in high concentrations. Research has shown fucoidan to have broad applications in health, including inflammatory disease, respiratory health, cardiovascular health, joint health, digestive health, obesity, diabetes, viral inhibition, cancer and, ageing.* Researchers believe that fucoidan is at least partly responsible for the extraordinary longevity observed in Japanese populations.

The Undaria pinnatifida used in Algomer™ Complex is highly concentrated in fucoidan extract. It is hand-harvested from the most pristine waters of Patagonia in Argentina and is certified organic.

* These properties are those of the ingredients only, according to published literature.


Spirulina platensis

Spirulina Platensis has existed on earth for over 3 billion years.

It is a tiny, free-floating, filamentous blue-green microalga (cyanobacteria), not visible to the naked eye.

It is amongst the most primitive life-forms on earth. It is cultivated worldwide and used as a dietary supplement as well as a whole food.

Spirulina Platensis is highly nutritious and is thus considered a superfood.

It contains essential amino acids, proteins, fatty acids, minerals and trace elements (Ca, Mg, Zn, K, Na, Fe), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, K), antioxidant pigments, carotenoids, beta-carotene and phycocyanin.

It is extremely digestible, high energy, low calorie and low fat natural food and has been designated as a health food by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Apart from its important role in nutrition, Spirulina plays a significant role in health and has shown multiple benefits in conditions such as in respiratory disease, diabetes, viral diseases, digestive health, heart health, cancer and ageing, amongst others. It is characterised by its strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing activities*.

The Spirulina Platensis used in Algomer™ Complex is cultured in Brittany, France and both its culture and extracts are certified organic.

* These properties are those of the ingredients only, according to published literature.

About Sea algae

Seaweed or sea algae are plant-like organisms that are found in marine environments.

They have been around for a few billions years and range from microscopic, single-celled organisms like phytoplankton (also known as micro-algae) that grow suspended in the water, to multicellular organisms (also known as macro-algae) that attach to rocks or grow from the bottom of the sea, such as giant kelp.

Sea algae are found in all coastal areas of the world, in all climatic zones from the warm tropics to the icy polar regions.

Sea algae play a vital role in marine life, serving as the foundation for the majority of marine food chains and provide a home for numerous sea creatures.

Some 30.000 species of marine algae have been identified to date, and belong to three groups distinguished on the basis of their color, namely, blue-green, brown and red algae.

They are much more nutrient rich than land vegetables containing dietary minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids and proteins, iodine, carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acids.

Sea algae benefits are so pronounced that they are commonly referred to as superfoods. They have been a source of food in many coastal countries for a long time, particularly in East Asia, especially in Japan, China, the Philippines, and Korea, where they have also been part of traditional medicine.


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