25 Years Sinomarin®.
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natural & effective nasal care

Developed 25 years ago in France as the first hypertonic sea water spray for nasal care, Sinomarin is, today, a complete line of 100% natural nasal products based on sea water, ideal for tackling every-day nasal needs. Sinomarin is a prominent brand with presence in more than 45 countries. Sinomarin hypertonic products relieve nasal congestion naturally while effectively cleansing the nasal cavities from excess mucus and impurities, helping to protect the nose from infections and secondary ENT complications. Sinomarin’s 100% natural formula -originally patented 25 years ago- contains the optimum concentration of sea salt (2.3% NaCl) making the products both highly effective and comfortable to use.

Sinomarin is rich in over 80 mineral salts & trace elements naturally present in seawater, which have been associated to beneficial effects on the nasal tissues. Sinomarin has a physiological, slightly alkaline pH of 7.5-8, which, according to published studies, is considered optimal for the nose.

Sinomarin products are trusted & recommended by healthcare professionals such as pediatricians, ENT specialists, GPs, Allergists and pharmacists, and their efficacy, safety, and tolerability have been proven clinically.

The 100% natural sea water solution, free from drug substances, additives and preservatives and without habit formation or drowsiness, is ideal for the whole family, from newborns to adults, including individuals for whom medicated decongestants are contraindicated e.g. pregnant & breastfeeding women.

Sinomarin products work effectively alone or in combination with medicated treatments to help improve the overall treatment efficacy.


Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is the blockage of the nasal passages resulting in difficulty to breathe through the nose. Triggers, such as the common cold or the flu (influenza) viruses, allergens such as pollen or other irritants, cause the internal nasal tissues to swell and obstruct natural nasal airflow. Nasal congestion may be accompanied by thickening of the nasal mucus, and overall, impairment of the natural protective function of the nose.

a natural mechanism

The human body has a salt concentration of 0.9% (Sodium Chloride -NaCl). A solution that is said to be isotonic (“iso” from the Greek “the same”) has the same concentration as the human body, i.e. 0.9% NaCl. A hypertonic solution (“hyper” from the Greek “greater than”) like Sinomarin means that it contains more salt than the human body (2.3% NaCl), nasal tissues included. This higher salt concentration is what makes all the difference!

When the nose is blocked, it helps draw-out the excess water from the swollen nasal tissues, relieving congestion and restoring nasal breathing, naturally. This natural mechanism of water movement -in response to the difference in salt content between the solution and the nasal tissues-, is known as osmosis. The water is drawn out resulting in reduction of the swelling of the tissues, while hydrating them, and helps restore their natural function.

Image: Close-up of nasal mucosa showing outward movement of water from the swollen nasal tissues when Sinomarin®.(white dot) Salt; (blue dot) = Water


Effective nasal cleansing

Sinomarin helps to fluidify mucus secretions making them easier to eliminate and effectively cleanses the nasal cavities, washing-out excess mucus, infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria, allergens, pollutants and other impurities, thus, helping to protect from nasal infections and further ear-nose-throat complications. Sinomarin products are ideal both for the natural relief of nasal congestion as well as for regular nasal hygiene & care.

Left side: Sinomarin spraying inflamed nasal cavity; cleanses, clears and decongests. Right side: Clean, clear, decongested nasal cavity following the use of Sinomarin

Multiple nasal benefits

Sinomarin products:
  1. Relieve nasal congestion* naturally
  2. Cleanse the nasal cavities effectively, washing out mucus, infectious agents, allergens pollutants, and other impurities
  3. Thin mucus making it easier to eliminate
  4. Hydrate the nose relieving nasal dryness
  • Restore nasal breathing naturally
  • Restore the natural defense function of the nose
  • Help improve health and quality of life

*Hypertonic solutions

Safe & suitable for everyone

All Sinomarin products are 100% natural, free from drug substances, additives, and preservatives making them safe & suitable for everyone, including babies, pregnant, and  breastfeeding women and anyone for whom medicated decongestants are contraindicated.* They work effectively alone as natural alternatives to medicated decongestants or in combination with medicated treatments (e.g. local corticosteroids, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors) to help improve the overall treatment efficacy.

They are used for:

  • Regular nasal hygiene, helping to keep the nose healthy
  • Relief of nasal & sinus congestion 
  • Following endonasal surgery to help promote recovery & limit complications
  • Nasal hydration
  • With a nebulizing device to help enhance respiratory function in acute bronchiolitis and help prevent respiratory tract infections**

*Sinomarin Cold & Flu Relief and Sinomarin Plus Algae Cold & Flu Relief are not indicated for use during pregnancy & breastfeeding. Please read the instructions provided for each separate product for age limits and possible contraindications.

**Sinomarin Babies vials


Clinically proven efficacy

Published clinical trials on more than 1.350 patients have proven Sinomarin’s efficacy, safety, and tolerability in the management of various nasal conditions. Positive effects and excellent tolerability have been demonstrated in adults, children, and babies suffering from nasal conditions such as rhinitis (e.g. allergic rhinitis), sinusitis, and other upper respiratory system conditions (e.g. common cold), post-endonasal surgery or in healthy subjects, offering symptomatic relief, both when used alone and in combination with prescribed medication. These studies, together with global pharmacovigilance data, collectively confirm the favorable safety profile of Sinomarin and its beneficial effects in improving nasal and respiratory function in both healthy and diseased conditions.


Rich in the sea’s elements

Sea water is not merely a “salt” solution but is naturally abundant in over 80 mineral salts and trace elements that have been associated to beneficial effects on the nasal tissues and the human body as a whole.

Sinomarin, is rich in these components making it altogether more effective. Isotonic solutions that are further diluted, contain lower concentrations of all components. Simple saline solutions on the other hand are “man-made” and do not contain any of these natural beneficial components apart from sodium chloride salt.

Sea water and all-natural ingredients

Sinomarin hypertonic products are composed of 2.3% NaCl solution, with and without additional, all-natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to supplement the properties of Sinomarin in cases where enhanced action may be needed or preferred. Well-established ingredients such as eucalyptus, spearmint, and thyme have been used to address nasal symptoms of the common cold and the flu; glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and dexpanthenol for the relief of nasal dryness and irritation. A unique combination of sea algae extracts known as Algomer Complex™ is novel to Sinomarin and to nasal use and is used to provide additional strength and protection to the nasal mucosa.

Hypertonic or Isotonic

The efficacy and superiority of hypertonic nasal sprays and solutions as a whole, has been well-documented clinically.

Sea water solutions are generally divided into isotonic -where the concentration of salt is equal to the natural concentration in our bodies (0.9%NaCl)-, and hypertonic -where the salt concentration is greater than the human body (>0.9%NaCl).

Whereas isotonic solutions are appropriate for nasal cleansing, they cannot decongest the nose. This is because they have the same salt concentration with the nasal tissues i.e. they are in equilibrium, and therefore, cannot induce osmosis.

Hypertonic solutions, having a greater salt concentration than the nasal tissues, in addition to cleansing, work to relieve nasal congestion helping restore nasal breathing in a natural way.

From the finest sea water source

The sea water used in all Sinomarin products comes from the bay of Cancale, at the French coast of Brittany.

The bay of Mont Saint Michele on the north coast of Brittany, including the small bay of Cancale, enjoys an exceptional tidal range of around 15 meters, making it the largest of its kind in Europe. This water movement ensures that it is continuously renewed and enriched. Lack of industrial activity in the area also ensures that it is free of contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, and allergens. As a result, the sea water is of the highest quality making the bay of Cancale one of the most prominent areas in France for oyster and mussel farming and is, as such, under permanent sanitary monitoring through various official control programs.

The sea at the bay of Mont Saint Michele is classified into different zones depending on the quality of sea water and risk of pollution. Zone A describes the zone of highest quality used for oyster & mussel harvesting and this is where the water for Sinomarin is drawn from.


The health benefits of sea water have been known since ancient times. Among the first to identify the healing powers of the sea were the ancient Greeks, including Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. He gave birth to the term “thalasso-therapy”, derived from the Greek “thalassa” meaning the sea, and “therapeia” meaning treatment. Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic use of the seawater, its climate, and marine products like sea algae. More than 2.000 years later, the sea’s therapeutic properties remain undisputed and sea water is used in a number of health applications, including nasal care.

Sinomarin production

Sinomarin products stand out for the incomparable quality of the sea water, the carefully selected packaging components sourced from highly reputable European suppliers that deliver important quality & safety features, the superior manufacturing processes and standards, and the strict quality requirements and control systems.

With both the sea water pumping & processing installation and the manufacturing facility owned by Gerolymatos International S.A., the quality of production is diligently monitored at all stages.

The manufacturing facility is compliant with European GMP and ISO standards (9001:2015 and 13485:2016) as well as the US FDA.