Free your little one’s blocked nose naturally;
keep it clean and healthy
with the power of the sea

Your little one’s 100% natural nasal solution

Taking good, regular care of your little one’s nose helps keep them generally healthy. When babies and children become sick, it’s preferable to use a natural treatment, when this is possible.

Regular nasal cleansing with Sinomarin will help flush-out excess mucus and mucus-trapped infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria, allergens, pollutants and other impurities, facilitating nasal breathing while keeping your little one’s nose healthy, and can help protect him/her from nasal and secondary ENT infections.

Used when your baby/child has a blocked nose as a result of the common cold, and other upper respiratory track infectionsnasal allergies (common hay fever), or pollution, Sinomarin will help relieve nasal congestion while actively removing mucus and trapped impurities, and pathogens.

It will help thin viscous mucus and make it easier to eliminate it, especially since little ones can’t or won’t blow their nose. Overall, Sinomarin eases nasal symptoms and helps restore nasal breathing naturally, while helping to avoid further infections from spreading to the middle ear (otitis), the sinuses (sinusitis) or to the lower respiratory tract (e.g. bronchiolitis). Sinomarin will help restore the normal function of the nose.


Nasal breathing and babies

In the first few months of life, babies naturally breathe almost exclusively through their nose as they use their mouths to suckle with. In fact, babies can breathe, suckle, and swallow at the same time.

Babies will breathe through their mouths when their nose is blocked by means of crying. Nasal blockage (swelling of the nasal tissues i.e. congestion, and/or mucus accumulation) may therefore cause distress, crying, feeding and sleeping difficulties, making life difficult for both your baby and the family.

Mucus secretion is a natural mechanism for hydrating inhaled air and for trapping infectious agents and other impurities. However, babies are physically unable to blow their noses and mucus may accumulate, obstructing the nasal passages. Buildup of mucus may increase the risk of infections such as the common cold. Increased mucus, together with nasal swelling as a result of a nasal infection, will result in breathing difficulties. Worse even, ear, sinus, and lower respiratory tract infections and complications may follow.

Whether your baby suffers from accumulated mucus, alone or together with swelling of the nasal tissues, babies experience trouble breathing and need to be relieved.


Nasal breathing and children

Most children are developmentally ready to blow their noses from the age of two. However, most children are not interested in doing so! When children don’t blow their noses mucus and mucus-trapped impurities (e.g. infectious agents) accumulate.

Buildup of mucus increases the risk of infections such as those of the common cold and the flu; together with nasal swelling (as a result of nasal infection or allergy), it results in nasal breathing difficulties.

Close contact between children in school/nursery and poor hygiene, spreads infection easily.

Moreover, as children grow, they may develop allergies (perennial or seasonal) which often manifest with -amongst others- allergic rhinitis symptoms such as nasal congestion and runny nose.

Altogether, nasal congestion and mucus accumulation as a result of common cold or flu infections or allergies could induce further complications including ear infections, recurrent sore throats, cough, headache, altered sleep patterns, fatigue, and irritability. Most importantly, they may increase the use of prescribed medication, hinder school performance and/or lead to school absence; this makes life difficult for both the child and its family.


Natural, Safe, Effective

Sinomarin is an effective all-natural nasal solution to relieve your little one’s stuffy nose, thin and remove excess nasal mucus and trapped impurities, and keep his/her nose healthy, while helping to avoid the use of local medication whenever necessary.

A 100% natural nasal decongestant, safe, without preservatives, additives or drug substances such as steroids or anti-histamines.

Sinomarin works alone as a natural decongestant or in combination with prescribed treatments, to help improve the overall treatment efficacy.

For Babies and Children Sinomarin comes in three forms:

  • Sinomarin Babies nasal vials/drops – suitable for newborn infants, older babies, toddlers and children. Can be used as drops or a larger volume when necessary, as often as is necessary (see product information)

Nasal sprays for children and babies

  • Sinomarin Children –nasal spray –suitable for babies over 1 month of age, toddlers and children. It is a continuous-flow spray (solution flows so long as nozzles are pressed-down), allowing for optimum nasal rinsing and can be used daily.
  • Sinomarin Mini nasal pump spray – suitable for everyone including babies. Easy pocket size.

Sinomarin helps in Acute Bronchiolitis

Acute bronchiolitis is the most common lower respiratory tract infection in babies and young children below the age of two and the leading cause of hospitalization. Several viruses may cause bronchiolitis.

Usually it is the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that is responsible. It can spread via tiny water droplets when the infected person coughs or sneezes or upon touching shared items and putting hands in the mouth.

The bronchioles -the smallest airways in the lungs- become infected and inflamed, mucus accumulates and as a result the amount of air flowing in and out of the lungs is reduced, leading to breathing difficulties.

Bronchiolitis initially has similar symptoms to the common cold such as a blocked and runny nose and at times slight fever, but soon progresses to coughing, wheezing and sometimes difficulty in breathing. In about 2-3% of cases it may lead to hospitalization.

While there is no specific treatment for bronchiolitis other than supportive care that includes nasal cleansing, fluid intake and feeding, use of nebulized hypertonic saline solutions like Sinomarin Babies, can help reduce airway swelling and thin airway mucus, thus decreasing airway obstruction. Sinomarin Babies can help enhance respiratory function and help prevent lower respiratory tract infections.

Studies have demonstrated that use of nebulized hypertonic saline a) reduces the risk of hospitalisation, b) leads to a significant shorter mean length of hospital stay compared with nebulized isotonic saline (same salt concentration as respiratory tissues).